Reunion Show


It’s 1969 all over again, when this trip (sorry!) back in time of super-group music, reunites sounds from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; The Who; and The Grateful Dead!  We have combined three of our best tribute groups — Marrakesh Express, Bargain, and Splintered Sunlight -- to bring a day or evening of the music that changed a generation, and, the World! Put on your love-beads, your sandals, your flower-power shirt and spread some Love, man!

 Marrakesh Express
Tribute to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young



Marrakesh Express -- a Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young tribute -- brings you the music of a band known for its intricate and soaring harmonies, memorable guitar lines, and lyrics that spoke for a generation.  With four harmonizing vocalists backed by a top-flight band, Marrakesh Express delivers an energetic concert performing the classic CSNY hits and fan favorites.

“The Who”



BARGAIN ® is the most requested Who Tribute band in North America.  Revered nationwide for performing Who songs and entire albums (such as Live at Leeds) exactly as they were originally recorded, Bargain recreates The Who like few others can.

Complete with on-stage theatrics that are trademarks of The Who concerts, including the spectacular Laser Show made famous in the Who's 1979 film "The Kids are Alright", Bargain provides an experience which leaves audiences truly believing that they are witnessing an actual Who concert from the 1970's.   Check out BARGAIN'S astonishing tribute to the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time - THE WHO!"


Splintered Sunlight
Tribute to Grateful Dead



Splintered Sunlight formed in 1992. Splintered quickly became the most popular Grateful Dead Tribute band in the country, gaining praise from Dead Heads and Non Heads alike. Since that time, Splintered Sunlight has become a permanent fixture for Dead music, recently celebrating their tenth year of performances. Splintered Sunlight has a play list of well over two hundred songs, spanning the thirty year career of The Grateful Dead, from which it skillfully crafts each show’s set list. Splintered Sunlight and its members have performed with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, as well as former Grateful Dead members, Donna Jean Godcheaux; and pianist Tom Constanten. They have also performed with longtime Grateful Dead collaborator Merle Saunders and Jimmy Herring guitarist for The Dead. In addition, Splintered has shared the stage with many notable Dead related acts including Kingfish, Jorma Kaukonen and Jefferson Starship among others.

The band takes its name from the Grateful Dead song, "Box of Rain". "Walk into Splintered Sunlight--inch your way through dead dreams to another land. Maybe you're tired and broken, your tongue is twisted with words half-spoken and thoughts unclear. What do you want me to do? To do for you to see you through? A box of rain will ease the pain-- And love will see you through"